What exactly is "BH SPIN-CAST" ?
Gravitational casting in sand
  "BH SPIN-CAST" exists in Bosnia & Herzegovina since year 1995. From the very beginning equipped with modern equipment for centrifugal casting of lower temperature melting nonferrous metals, their alloys and hard plastics (polyuretans, polyesters, hepoxides) in rubber molds, with time has widened production capacities that now include gravitational casting of any nonferrous metals and their alloys in sand and metal molds (kokils).
      The future strategy is based on constant development of product quality and production methods, entering the production chains with other companies, investment in new products, education through seminars and science meetings, presentations of products and elevation of marketing levels.
    Current quality of castings (chemical testing) is being conducted by Institute of Metalurgy from Zenica, while the project of finishing our own laboratory is in it's final steps.
  Sand casting (silumin)
Casings (silumin)
Turbines (silumin)